Info & links for sex workers

Since March, it is forbidden to do sex work in the Netherlands. Most sex workers do not have access to financial government support.

On the website of SekswerkExpertise, you can find a lot of information on sex work and the pandemic. Information is available in English, Spanish, Romanian and Hungarian.

The website offers information by health organisations.

Dutch Emergency Fund Partners

DEF raises money for emergency fees of 40 euros. Applying for an emergency fee is possible at these organisations:

Belle Hulp & Ondersteuning, Utrecht

Trans United Europe, Regio Amsterdam

Door2Door, Regio Rotterdam

Next Step bij Stichting Rijnstad, Regio Arnhem

Prostitutie Maatschappelijk Werk Hart voor Brabant (, Regio Tilburg

Call Me Helpline - Chat & Phone

The Call Me Helpline is created by and for sex workers. Chat has opened, phonecalls will be possible soon!


Have you been refused for financial emergency support, and do you want to help to solve this issue for all sex workers? SekswerkExpertise has a legal team. You can contact them via

Survey for sex workers

SekswerkExpertise has a survey for sex workers. The purpose of this survey is to get a better picture of which sex workers are excluded when it comes to (financial) support from the Dutch government. This survey is completely anonymous.